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An Optimal Air Cooling System

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An Optimal Air Cooling System

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 Brand Name



clinical air cooler

About Air Cooling System

Comparison by other cooling methods

  Air Cooling Contact Cooling Cryogen Spray Ice Pack
Cooling Temperature below -30°C below -5°C -3~10°C 0~10°C
Cooling Durability long Mid Short Mid ∼ Short
Availability to use before,
during thermal procedure
Yes No (before)
Yes (during)
N/A Yes (before)
No (during)
Patient's comfortability High less Poor Less
Cooling Efficacy High Limited Poor Limited
Operator's Preparation Simple Simple Simple Complicated

General Parameter of INNOfill

A glance at KOOLIO

  • Koolio is an optimal air cooling system dedicated for before, during and after the laser procedures without interfering laser beam emission.
  • Koolio is designed for reducing pains and thermal damages might be happened during or after laser treatments, and for temporary topical anesthetic relief of injections.


  1. Main Unit
  2. Control Panel
  3. Cooling Therapy Hose
  4. Top Shelve
  5. Connector
  6. Water Discharging Gate
  7. Moving Castor


Air cooling therapy by Koolio ensures minimizing all those pains accompanied by laser treatments and reduces high risk of redness, edema and side effects from those treatments maintaining low (cold) skin temperature during those treatments.

  • Nd:YAG Long pulse and Q-switched system
  • Laser hair removal system by alexandrite, diode laser and IPL
  • Thermal procedures for skin rejuvenation
  • Topical anesthetic relief for injection


Electric shock protection Class I equipment, Type BF applied part
Electrical device class by IEC Class IIa
Input rating 230VAC±10% , 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1300 VAC in max.
Therapy air flow 9 level (max. 1000L/min.)
Power input 1KW
Mode Start / Stop(pause) / Stand-by / Defrost(Auto)
Treatment tube 2 meter
Display FND Screen with touch button
Dimension W330mm x L750mm x H795mm
Weight approximately 60kg

Comparison by competitor

ITEMS Cryo-6 Cryo-jet Koolio
Cooling type Air Air Air
Cooling temp. (in evaporator) - 35°C - 35°C - 38°C
Loading time to be 'Ready' 7 ∼10 min. 15 min. 12min.
Air flow level 1∼9 1~10 1~9
Air volume (max.) 1000 Liter 1280 Liter 1300 Liter
Capacity of compressor - 5/8 HP, 500W 7/8 HP, 600W
Capacity of condenser - 2R x 9L 2R x 11L
Noise level (max.) 80dB 75dB 67dB
Mode Start/Stop O O O
Stand-by O O O
Defrost O O O(auto)
Total weight 60kg 60kg 60kg
Treatment tube 180cm 150cm 200cm

Compatibility with other laser systems

Adaptor for Arion, Quantel Derma GmbH
Adaptor for Zimmer's universal cooling tip
Adaptor for Fotona's long pulse ND:YAG
Adaptor for Cynosure's universal cooling tip

Related Keywords: Cooling , laser , RF , Air Cooling System

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