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CO2 Fractional Laser System (IR+RF)

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CO2 Fractional Laser System (IR+RF)

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New Stream of skin rejuvenation

Why CO2 Fractional ?

Erbium (2940nm) is very ablative. In fact, it is so ablative that minimal heat is deposited in the dermis (therefore, no collagen stimulation)

CO2(10,600mm) provides an ideal combination of epidermal ablation and heat to the dermis

Near-infrared wavelengths (from 1064nm–1600nm) provide NO ablation (no immediate contraction) and only provide heat

About Qray-FRX

Qray-FRX is the world's first ablation and non-ablation combined technology. Qray-FRX is combined with two main technologies for not only re-surfacing but also collagen re-modeling.

CO2 fractional laser is a perfect solution of all fractional procedure. In order to reduce thermal damage and to enhance the beam quality, Qray adopts 5 different scanning modes including random and double-line ,and equipped with RF tube.

In consideration of collagen re-modeling, Qray-FRX adopts also IR +RF technology. This technology benefits skin lifting by the role of infra-red and radio frequency as the stimulation of dermis layer without epi-dermal damages.

What is LIGHT (IR+RF)mode for ?

CO2 fractional laser effects on epi-dermal layer dramatically but, there is some limitation to effect on deep dermis layer. That is, CO2 fractional laser has an excellent result for the resurfacing procedure such as acne scar and wrinkle treatment.

On the other hand , in fact CO2 fractional method is not the best for the procedures that requires collagen remodeling such as skin rejuvenation. To overcome this kind of weak point by the characteristic of CO2 fractional laser, Qray-FRX has come to adopt RF + IR technology combined on fractional platform.

How does the 'IR+RF' work ?

Qray-FRX's IR+RF has adopted the technology that radiate high radio frequency and infra red ray at the same time to maximize the cure effect of skin tissue. This new type of method supplements the weak point of existing high frequency method, and more powerful IR ray is being used to deliver thermal effect into DERMIS layer for the formation of collagen.

Qray-FRX's RF is equipped with 2 pairs of bi-polar electrodes and enable RF energy to deliver onto dermis layer more efficiently and deeper.

  1. Cooling system
    - Protect Epidermis layer from the heat
    - Switchover to 'Standby Mode' automatically when the temp. of skin surface gets high.
  2. Infra Red Ray (700 ~ 2000 nm)
    - Increase the temp of Dermis layer
    - Act as a guide of RF
  3. RF-Bipolar Diode 1MHz
    - Focused stimulation on the heated dermis layer

Advantages of the 'IR+RF'

  • Dual type bipolar RF system
    It detects the existing high radio frequency energy, applies more energy, and - transmits thermal effect into the dermis layer and makes collagen be reformed more efficiently.
  • Light Hand-piece
    - It is designed ergonomically with light weight for long time operation .
  • Less pain for patients, No side effects such as erythema and edema
    - Dual type bipolar consists of 2 pairs thus the energy delivery is diversified to each side of bipolar pair, which means that the patient feels less pain.
  • Easy to operation on display panel
    - It can be controlled by touch screen for the selection of operation mode, the strength of power and the degree of cooling.
  • No consumable parts are required
    - Qray-FRX's handpiece guarantees up to 1 million shots of IR.

Qray-FRX's Specification

CO2 Fractional Laser IR + RF
Laser Type Ultra Pulse, 10600 nm RF Electrode Dual Bipolar
Co2 Tube All metal sealed off waveguide RF Tube RF Output 150J/cm2
Ultra Pulse Power Max. 30W IR wavelength 700 ~ 2000nm
Pulse Duration 20 ~ 400µs Spot size 12 x 8mm
Scanning size 3x3mm ~ 20x20mm Skin Impedance Online control
Dot Pitch 0.5 ~2.0mm Repetition Rate 0.5,0.7,1.0 sec, Manual
Scan mode Standard, Refresh, Breeze, Chill, Double Cooling Contact cooling, 5°C
10"4 LCD Touch Screen

Qray-FRX's Application (recommendation)

CO2 Fractional Laser Infra Red + Radio Frequency
Scars (acne, Surgical, Burn)
Pigmented skin
Pores minimization
Skin Tone & Texture
Stretch Mark
Fractional Skin Resurfacing
Facial Lifting
Pores minimization
Main Treatment area ;
-. Epi-dermis layer
-. Superficial dermis layer
Main Treatment area ;
-. Dermis layer
-. Hypo-dermis layer

Qray-FRX's advantages

  • Economical expectation
    -1. Three functions (CO2fractional laser, conventional CO2laser and IR + RF), are in one platform.
    -2. No additional accessories and No consumable parts are necessary. ( ex. Handpiece tip or, CO2tube )
  • Operational efficiency
    -1. With integrated one platform, three kinds of procedure are available much faster. (ex. IR+RF procedure Fractional procedure → Conventional CO2procedure)
    -2. Using scatter mode, much faster procedure is available in fractional mode.
    -3. By the function of auto repetition mode (0.5/0.7/1.0sec), operation time for IR+RF procedure is nearly 3 times faster than others.
    -4. Multi-therapy with other equipment is available
Qray-FRX Other equipment
CO2 Fractional Laser Thermage, Polaris or MTS
IR + RF Existing fractional, IPL or Thermage
CO2 Fractional Laser <-> IR + RF <-> Conventional CO2
  • System safety
    -1. Waveguide RF tube : Adopting high power RF tube, the beam quality is superior than DC tube and laser beam is thinner and uniform thus, patients feel less pain and minimize side effects.
    -2. Various scanning modes : Qray-FRX"s unique scanning modes prevent patients from thermal damages safely.
    -3. Dual bipolar electrode and contact cooling system : In IR+RF procedure, these two functions protect epi-dermis layer from the burning might be happened by overheat.
  • Easy maintenance
    -1. Qray-FRX has an access port for convenient diagnostic by connection with computer and easy to correct it in case of system error and easy to up-grade system.
    - 2. Qray-FRX adopts an independent operation module respectively. Therefore, even though one is not working the other is not affected.

Qray-FRX Clinical Photos

Before After 2 treatments by CO2 Fractional & IR+RF treatment
Before 5 days after 1 treatment by CO2 Fractional & IR+RF
Right after treatment 4 days after 1 treatment by CO2 Fractional
Before 3 weeks after 3 treatments by only IR + RF

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