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Dual Fractional RF Technology

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Dual Fractional RF Technology

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 Model Number

Cellina-V, Cellina-PR

 Brand Name


Introduction of Cellina

Cellina is designed specially for delivering RF energy directly to epidermis or dermis layer in order to stimulate and re-model collagen effectively by either RF micro needling mode (invasive) or RF matrix mode (non-invasive). It can be used for both epidermal applications and dermal applications in one platform without changing any operational environment.


  • Fractional RF Micro-Needle
    Treatment area : Middle & Down Dermis
  • Fractional RF Sub-lative Rejuvenation
    Treatment area : Epidermis & Superficial Dermis
  • Available to Treat both Epidermis & Dermis
  • Minimal Downtown
  • Database Technology
  • Lesser risk Of PIH (Post-inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation)
  • Dual Fractional RF mode
  • Regardless Of skin types

RF versus Laser

Radio Frequency
- No matter what skin type is
- Easy penetration up to target area
- Less risk of side effects
- Selective laser absorption
- Penetrations vary depend on absorption rate for water, hemoglobin, melanin etc.
Radio Frequency
- Easy to control depth
- Delivering energy directly into target area without loss of energy
- Hard to control depth
- Delivering energy to target area varies depend on a various parameters such as absorption rate

Advantage of RF fractional

Idea of Fractional technology results in quick wound healing reaction from surrounding tissues, which is not damaged.

FRM ( Fractional RF Micro needle)

  • Micro needle RF is for invasive treatment.
  • An effective and direct thermal stimulation for remodeling collagen with less damage on epidermis
  • Micro needle delivers RF directly to target area and reforms collagen and elastin effectively without any energy loss like laser treatments
  • Micro Needle RF penetrates target area from epidermis to dermis without energy loss and stimulate disordered collagen in order to remodel it efficiently.
  • Stepping motor driven mechanism enables to control penetration depth precisely and accurately
- Needle Depth
Cellina is available to adjust penetration depth from 0.5mm to 3.0mm by 0.1 mm increment. So it is easy to be on target.
Needle Depth : 0.5 mm to 3.0mm

Duration time & energy

Cellina is able to create various energy fields for each applications
Emission : 0.1 sec to 0.9 sec
Intensity level : 1 to 10

FRS ( Fractional RF Sub-lative rejuvenation)

Fractional RF Sub-Lative Rejuvenation (FRS) is… The FRS delivers thermal energy to the treatment area more safely, more effectively. It allows treatment regardless of skin type. Laser is mostly absorbed by melanin, especially in darker skin.

Besides, resurfacing laser can be aggressive at the epidermal level. So, it is quiet risky to treat with laser on the dark skin. But, RF is able to avoid targeting the melanin in the skin since it is no longer dependent on a light & laser energy to heat the skin. This is Fractional skin rejuvenation method for safe treatment.

  • Penetration of laser energy is getting weaker because of laser absorptions by water, hemoglobin, melanin..etc. However, RF energy penetrates into target area without those absorptions
  • Energy pores on surface of skin are closely connected with period of down time. Smaller pores shorter down time

- No burn and No risk of side effects
- Better result by sufficient energy delivering
- Easy to control penetration depth
- Acne Scar, Large pore, Wrinkle, Skin tone, Skin Elasticity / Volume.
- Less pain, Less down time.
- No risk on sensitive skin.
- Immediate result and deep-heat-effect
- Skin texture, Large pore, Fine Wrinkle, Lifting, Skin Tightening.


System Type Mono & Bipolar RF(FRM)
Bipolar RF(FRS)
Frequency 1 MHz
Total RF Treatment Level Up to Level 10
Dual Operation Mode Fractional RF Micro-needle(FRM)
Fractional RF Sub-lative(FRS)
Max. Energy 100 j/cm2
Disposable Tip Micro-electrode needle (FRM)
Micro- electrode tip(FRS, Re-usable)
Depth of Needle 0.5 - 3 mm (Adjustable)
Display LCD
Switch Foot Switch
Dimension(mm) 362mm(W) x 409mm(L) x 1713mm(H)
Weight 25 kg
Electrical Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Cellina Tips

Micro Needle RF (FRM) Matrix RF (FRS)
Energy source RF(Radio Frequency) Laser Type RF(Radio Frequency)
RF Output Max. 50 W RF Output Max. 20 W
RF Electrode Bipolar / Monopolar RF Electrode Monopolar
Spot size 12 x 12mm(25pin) Spot size 12 x 12mm(64pin)
Repetition Rate 1.0, 2.0, 3.0sec. & manual Repetition Rate 1.0, 2.0, 3.0sec. & manual
Penetration depth 0.5 ~ 3.0mm Penetration depth -
Duration Time (Emission) 0.1 ~ 0.9sec Duration Time (Emission) 0.1 ~ 0.9sec

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