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For Permanent Hair Removal

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For Permanent Hair Removal

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 Brand Name

Epicare Plus

nnBasic Theory of Diode Epilation

Selective melanin absorption by 808nm penetrating into hair follicle
→ Absorption of laser light occurs selectively in the melanin in the hair shaft

Photo energy → Thermal energy
→ Photo energy is transmuted into Thermal energy

Destroying and denaturalization of hair follicle
→ The hair follicle reaches a temperature sufficient to cause irreversible thermal damage while the Epidermis has remained below the damage threshold

Why hair removal by Diode laser ?

Items Merits Demerits Remarks
IPL Low cost Pain (high)
Burn (high risk)
Less effectiveness
1)Energy concentration on melanin is very poor because of its multiple wavelength
2)An adjacent tissue are damaged unnecessarily
Nd-YAG 1) Deep penetration up to 4mm
2) Less risk of burn
Less effectiveness 1)Energy concentration on melanin is very poor since it is affected by water absorption
Alexandrite Possible to remove hair permanently 1)High cost for low charged patients
2)High running cost
3)Pre-heating required at least 10 min.
No profitable
Diode 1)Permanent hair removal
2)Fast depilation
3)Less pain
4)No consumable, no running cost
  Simple to use Reasonable cost

Important Factors to be considered on hair removal lasers


For the best result of hair removal, laser energy should be delivered an absorbed selectively on melanin with the higher thermal energy in the shorter time.

Comparison between laser versus light (IPL).

  Laser Light
Wavelength Singular Plural
Melanin Absorption Selectively absorbed in melanin through hair shaft up to follicle Destroy melanin and adjacent cells
Clinical effect after treatment Minor erythema around hair treated. Burning on hair without erythema
Energy concentration High Poor
Merits and demerits - Permanent hair removal.
- Less energy required due to its high selective-absorption
- No risk of burn (on well shaved)
- Temporal hair removal
- High energy required as its complex wavelength
- High risk of burn

Melanin Absorption Rate of lasers

Pulse Duration (ms)

  • What is TRT(Thermal Relaxation Time) ?
    - When laser beam is emitted into skin, thermal energy is transmitted in certain time and the skin recovered from this thermal heat. This recovering time is TRT. In general, during TRT, the thermal energy is reduced gradually, which mean it might not be good in clinical aspect. Therefore, an ideal laser treatment should be done in TRT period or, before TRT.  
  • Thickness of hair and TRT are proportionate. → It requires to treat in various pulse duration depend on thickness of hair !
  • Recommendation of treatment cases.
    - Thin hair : Power↑, PD↓(Short TRT) → Necessary High Power
    - Thick hair : Power↓, PD↑ (Long TRT) → Necessary Long Pulse Duration
  • For better efficacy, it requires high fluence relatively with a proper pulse duration time.
  • Some of diode lasers produce high fluence but, more than 30% of those energy are scattered and, not delivered onto skin efficiently.

Cooling System

Cooling part is one of the most essential components in diode laser system.
It enables to reduce pain during laser treatment as well as to maximize entire system's performance appropriately.

  1. Patient's pain relief
    - During treatment patients may feel prick or tingle. This is normal process of procedure by changing to thermal energy from photo energy. Our cooling system relieves this painful feelings.
  2. Minimize risk of side effects
    - With this cooling system, it is available to radiate with high fluence for better efficacy and patient does not feel strong pain. Some of systems radiates high fluence with long pulse duration but , on the other hand it exposures on high risks of burn or other side effects.
  3. Maximize efficacy of hair removal
    - As result, the diode hair removal laser system is strongly required to have a good cooling performance so that patients feel less pain, and thus it is available to emit properly high energy into hair shaft without any risk of side effects.

Ideal hair removal system, EPICARE PLUS

  • High power collimation lens, Laser Diode
  • Safe operation by temp-sensor
  • Fast depilation up to 10 Hz
  • Powerful cooling by Dual Chiller system (up to -5 °C )
  • Energy Fluence ; 1~100J/cm2
  • Pulse Duration ; 10~350ms
  • Repetition ; 1 Hz ~ 10Hz
  • Save Mode ; up to 5 frequent parameters
  • Convenient Display ; wide 10.4" LCD Touch Screen

Epicare Plus Specification

Light Source Diode (808nm)
Optical Guide Sapphire Crystal
Optical Energy Up to 100 J/cm2
Pulse Width 5.0~350ms adjustable
Pulse Mode Short and Long
Repetition Up to 10 Hz
Cooling Type Contact Cooling
Cooling Control STCTM (Up to 5°C)
Spot Size 12 x12 mm
Dimension 400 x 420 x 800 mm
Weight 40Kg
Electrical Replacement Free Voltage (110/220V), 50~60Hz

Hair removal with Cryo air cooling (Option)

Strap adapter for cryo cooling (option) KOOLIO Cryo Air Cooling System
"Contact cooling + cryo air cooling system" enables to reduce unwanted hair more efficiently with less pain accompanied by photo-thermal-effect.

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