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Vein Illumination System

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Vein Illumination System

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 Model Number

Vein Light

Vein Light

What is Vein Light

It finds vein location using infrared rays, shows blood stream visible.

Features of Vein Light by DOSIS M&M

- Fully assess the patient and identify "invisible" deeper feeder veins that are the root cause of the problem.
- See veins up to 12mm deep, visualizing the procesure as it happens.
- Visualize the procedure as it happens; watching fluids clear the blood.
- Potentially avoid an infiltration.

Merits of Using Vein Light

- It is easier to treat IV patients
- It reduces risks of CR-BSI
- Vein-light increases profits with faster treatments
- It gives stabilities for kid patients
- Available for all skin colours

Various indications of Vein Light

- Dermatology
- Plastic Surgery
- Pediatrics
- Obstetrics
- Laboratory medicine
- Oncology
- Other clinics involved in blood vessel


Processing mode
NIR pass filter CPU
- Clear image quality
Charging time
2~3 hours
- Short charging time
Duty cycle
Camera resolution
1,300,000 BW
- High Resolution
- Wide range of visibility
1~15 Lumens/2,000 Lux
- Wide range of brightness
10~12 mm
- Deep viewing depth
Image color
Red, Blue, Green, White
Save mode
Smart image capture system
(USB Convertable)


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