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Innovative RF Filler Injection System

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Innovative RF Filler Injection System

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Introduction of Cellina

  • What i s RF Filler ?
    - It is combined technology of Radiofrequency wave and Filler injections in one platform, which is an innovative minimally invasive technique for facial rejuvenation.
  • Why RF Filler ?
    - INNOfill is essentially for facial rejuvenation and for the treatment of scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles combinedly working by RF thermal energy and hyaluronic acid filler.
  • How does it work ?
    - Monopolar RF treatment has been demonstrated to induce a wound healing response with increased collagen expression and dermal remodeling results in gradual improvement over several months and can be long-lasting, while fillers often result in immediate clinical improvements that are usually temporary.
    Therefore, a filling/lifting/smoothing effect can be obtained, concerning the effects of aging, and a therapeutic effect occurs on acne scars and striae as well as most of facial rejuvenation.
Applications Frequency Power (watt) Needle
Light wrinkles & scars 2MHz 3 - 4 30G
Mild wrinkles & scars 1MHz 6 - 7 26G
Deep wrinkles & scars Incl. lifting effects 1MHz 15(Max) 21G

General Parameter of INNOfill

Basic theory of RF Filler...

INNOfill consists mainly of following two effective performances.

  • Monopolar RF mode
    - A conducted RF needle, specially formulated to apply radiofrequency is injected into skin and forms 'autologous containment capsule' in order to hold filler longer than ever since the bio-degradation goes slowly. And, Monopolar RF treatment stimulates dermis and helps re-modeling collagen immediately and gradually in long-term.
  • Filler Injection
    - Soft-tissue filler augmentation is a treatment modality widely used for aesthetic improvement of deep facial lines and wrinkles. However, it is not well accepted for the patients who want longer filler duration.
  • RF Filler
    - Soft-tissue augmentation and monopolar RF treatment have the potential to restore tissue volume and improve facial laxity.


  • 'A'
    - RF filler is for performing both RF emission and filler injection at same time.
    - RF only is for performing RF emission only using dedicated needle.
  • 'B'
    - RF frequency will be selected either 1MHz or,
    - 2MHz depending on procedures.
  • 'C'
    - It indicates the status of power and activation of procedures.
  • 'D'
    - Control button for adjusting each parameters and values by push.
  • 'E'
    - It shows time that is running currently.
  • 'F'
    - It controls power level from 1 to 9 levels.

How to set INNOfill

How does INNOfill works

  • Injecting RF needle into skin using linear retrograde technique with circular movement.
  • Applying RF energy from the end of needle.
    - Formation of 'autologous containment capsule'
    - Re-modeling collagen
  • To retrogress needle slowly inserting filler with one of following injection technique according to target.
    -. Linear / Serial puncture / Cross-hatching / Fan
    - Soft-tissue augmentation
  • By using these two procedures, a filling/lifting/smoothing effect is therefore obtained, concerning the effects of aging, and a therapeutic effect occurs on acne scars and striae.

Advantages of INNOfill

  • Lifting by RF energy and Volume-up by filler can be done in one platform.
  • Long lasting efficacy thanks to RF + Filler technique.
  • Non-invasive procedure thus the lesser down-time.
  • A minimal side-effect by using well known accepted filler procedure.
  • Available customized procedure depend on area to be treated.
  • Expected lifting efficacy additionally by using RF + Filler mode.
  • Reduction of usage of filler because of 'Autologous Containment Capsule'nearly 30%.


Before Treatment (Day 0) Day 8
Week 4 Week 8
Week 12  

WSRS – Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale

Grade 1 Grade 2
Grade 3 Grade 4
Grade 5  
  • Grade 1 (absent):
    - no visible nasolabial fold; continuous skin line
  • Grade 2 (mild):
    - shallow but visible nasolabial fold with a slight indentation; minor facial feature; implant is expected to produce a slight improvement in appearance
  • Grade 3 (moderate):
    - moderately deep nasolabial fold; clear facial feature visible at normal appearance but not when stretched; excellent correction is expected from injectable implant
  • Grade 4 (severe):
    - very long and deep nasolabial fold; prominent facial feature; < 2 mm visible fold when stretched; significant improvement is expected from injectable implant
  • Grade 5 (extreme):
    - extremely deep and long nasolabial fold, detrimental to facial appearance;2~4mm visivle V-shaped fold when stretched; unlikely to have satisfactory correction with injectable alone

Clinical result of INNOfill

  • Objective:
    - This clinical test is to verify a continuity and a visible volume up of filler stimulated by RF emission Conclusion: Monitoring result in 3 months, it is apparently observed a continuity of volume-up through RF filler treatments compared to the treatment done by only filler procedure.
  • Implication:
    - Comparing to WSRS based on resting phase, it is scored delta value before and after of filler trt. (reviewer n=8) : deviation = SE (delta) Marked * only on p-value < 0.05
  • Methods:
    - RF parameter: frequency-medium, mode-manual, power-15 watt Injected filler 0.5ml (Glytone 3) into nasolabial fold 4 times and forehead fold 2 times On the view of observer, RF Filler injected on left side and only filler on right side n= 3 Macrography on before and after of filler treatment  completion of test with 3 months monitoring

Comparison INNOfill and Spherofill

(Made in Italy, Promo-Italia)
(Made in Korea, Amore-pacific)
RF Output Voltage (V) Max. 20V (Peak-Peak) Max. 30V (Peak-Peak)
RF Output Power (W) Max. 9W (Actual output : approx. 1W) Max. 23W (Actual output : approx. 3W)
RF Frequency 1134KHz, 1769KHz Sine Wave 1MHz, 2MHz Sine Wave
Display Type LCD type FND type
Power Input 100~240V, 50/60Hz 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Retail Price Around USD27,000 USD10,000
Needle & Cables Fixed type Detachable (Re-usable)
Coating Needle Teflon (Toxic ?) Silicone (Non toxic)
Friction of needling Average but PAINFUL Superior and NO-PAIN
Grounding patch N/A AMBU Patch
Needles 30G / 27G / 26G / 25G / 22G 30G / 27G / 21G
Display LCD type
- Difficult to read parameters
- Hard to set all buttons (double touch)
FND type
- Easy to read parameters
- Convenient to set buttons (one touch)

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